DGLD: Europe’s Mainstream Crypto and Precious Metal Firms Collaborate For A Gold Token Offering

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CoinShares (Europe’s Largest Digital Asset Manager), Blockchain (one of the leading provider of cryptocurrency solutions including the internationally recognized crypto wallet) and MKS (Switzerland) SA (part of the one of the world’s most reliable gold group) have announced a business consortium after 2 years in development. It has spearheaded the launch of the DGLD framework with an excess of $20M in digitized gold.

DGLD qualifies as a digital asset (token) representing assigned physical gold secured in a Swiss vault as well as being tokenized with a side-chain based on the Bitcoin network. Ideally understood as an electronic proof of possession of designated gold, DGLD leverages the power and immutability of the Bitcoin blockchain to supply hassle-free purchase of gold with the independence of physically owning gold combined with the 24/7 nature of digital assets.

What is DGLD: Explainer
What exactly is the DGLD?

Each DGLD token is the digital equivalent of 10% of a troy ounce of gold, secured in Switzerland. Before a new token is developed, LBMA gold is allocated first and placed in a Swiss vault. After that, DGLD standing for that specific gold is created and moved to a DGLD wallet. This straightforward approach provides the dual benefits of unleashing physical gold and also making it both physically redeemable and digitally usable.

Danny Masters, Chairman of CoinShares, commented on this development, “DGLD combines the security of the most enduring possession, gold, with the safety and security of the globe’s most durable network, Bitcoin. You can now have the satisfaction of Swiss vaulted physical gold, with the exact same convenience, yet not the same layers of intermediaries, as possessing a gold ETF.”

Gold has long been trusted as a hedge to geo-centric financial and political crisis, as well as inflationary monetary plan, yet gold ownership is always associated with trade-offs. Gold is undoubtedly the basis of modern banking and the basis for currency issuance. In conventional terms, when it comes to buyers they either acquire a synthetic item such as an ETF embodying convenience, which is attached with several layers of intermediaries, or opt for acquiring and vaulting physical gold. If Fort Knox comes to mind, needless to say this is a hard task. DGLD stands for a new system that provides ease, safety and security; while eliminating the middlemen.

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DGLD is not bound in this legacy framework and neither subservient to Swiss regulation, is it subject to the very same governing constraints as artificial gold investments (e.g. exchange traded items like ETFs). It is categorized under group 5 of FINMA’s stablecoin taxonomy – ‘connected to commodities with possession rights.’ In simple terms, ownership of a DGLD token is equivalent to holding title to the gold – no entanglement in a web of intermediaries and not subject to any kind of prudential licensing stipulations under Swiss legislation.

Marwan Shakarchi, Chairman of MKS (Switzerland) SA claims that “DGLD is the all-natural progression of our efforts with gold, and gold forms at MKS. With DGLD, we have actually created a new format for gold possession which makes vaulted physical gold, digitally useful, 24/7. This has the potential to comprehensively alter the way gold is used in everyday life.”

DGLD will be made readily available specifically on The PIT, Blockchain’s institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange. The PIT has a varied, global group of leading market players and a deep borrowing pool to ensure consistent liquidity on the system. It is offered to customers in greater than 200 countries, and allied with a large worldwide financial network to assist in withdrawals, deposits and fiat-to-crypto trading in EUR, USD and GBP.

Peter Smith, Co-founder and also Chief Executive Officer of Blockchain states that “for centuries, gold has actually played a vital duty regarding how governments and organizations’ control global financial dangers. But where retail investors are concerned, physical ownership of gold at any type of significant size has stayed unattainable or their cash is channeled into complicated investment products.” Additionally he says that, “With DGLD, worldwide buyers of all capacities will certainly be able gain ownership and secure gold similar to financial titans, without encountering the high obstacle to entry present in legacy options.”

The DGLD network is based upon a modern technology stack designed on CommerceBlock’s Ocean sidechain system. CommerceBlock is a London-based blockchain infrastructure development company holding expertise in designing enterprise solutions based on Bitcoin. Utilizing CommerceBlock’s MainStay attestation procedure, each DGLD token’s redemption for physical gold, or any type of token transfer to another wallet is cryptographically attested as well as “confirmed” (validated) via the Bitcoin blockchain; Earth’s most secure network.

DGLD was made for both retail as well as institutional investors, most of whom call for a managed custodian to protect their financial investments. To fulfill that purpose, the consortium has partnered with Globacap, the UK controlled capital markets company offering digital asset custody. Globacap has the distinction of being the very first accredited custodian in Europe to supply digital asset protection for organizations with the exact level of rigorous oversight and robust protocols anticipated from a tier 1 global custodian.


Blockchain is linking the world to the future of money. It’s one of one of the most reliable and quickly expanding digital assets companies, helping millions across the world– from individuals to the biggest institutions– obtain easy and risk-free accessibility to their assets. Blockchain has actually raised over $70 million in financing from leading investors including Google Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Board members consist of former Barclays CEO- Antony Jenkins alongwith Lightspeed Ventures Partner- Jeremy Liew. (www.blockchain.com/press).


MKS (Switzerland) SA, situated in Geneva, is part of the MKS PAMP Group and has created a solid reputation as one of the globe’s most trustworthy gold traders. The refiner and vault driver PAMP SA, located in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, is additionally part of the group.

The MKS PAMP TEAM concentrates on all facets of the precious metals business, covering aspects like refining, creating and trading. Developed in the very early 1980s, the team prides itself on the best quality standards based upon strong foundations of integrity, honesty and dependency. Global expansion has been built on the relationships constructed in the early days of the group- with 700 workers spanning 15 workplaces in 12 countries, handling the international major bullion markets. For more details, please see: MKS.ch


The CoinShares Group has offices in Jersey, London and New York handling about $1 billion of properties in support of an international financier base. The team develops, launches, and takes care of financial investment products that meet the needs of countless investors, consisting of institutional and recognized capitalists. Their objective is to supply regulated, risk-managed investment services and products through which people can participate in the growth of a cutting edge asset class, and modern tech paradigm.

CoinShares has a background of introducing brand-new strategies to digital asset investment, and jointly, the Group delights in the world’s longest performance history of regulated financial investment management in digital assets. From its foundation in 2013 to present, the company has collaborated with lawmakers, banks, and also digital pioneers to introduce new offerings while simultaneously working as a trusted partner and expert adviser to their clients.

With a proven track record, CoinShares has all the robust characteristics required to offer financial investment products or services to the world’s most qualified investors. For additional details, please visit: coinshares.co.uk

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