Report: Bitcoin Still the Preferred Cryptocurrency of Cybercriminals

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It’s not exactly a secret that some of the well-known, longest-lasting usages of Bitcoin has been its function as money by those involved in black market activities online. Indeed, several Bitcoin users interacted with the cryptocurrency for the very first time when they decided to acquire some weed or ecstasy from one of the many readily available darknet markets. While several of these markets have actually been closed down by police/other law enforcement agencies, this type of illicit ecommerce is gaining momentum, with a reported $1 billion anticipated to be invested in darknet markets during the current year.

Despite the fact that bitcoin is commonly described as the private or confidential currency of the web, the reality is that purchases on the Bitcoin network are highly public. Real-world identities aren’t directly attributed to each and every purchase, however, anyone has the opportunity to download Bitcoin’s blockchain information that includes every deal in the cryptocurrency’s complete past.

New innovations like the Lightning Network and also privacy-centered wallets, such as Samourai and Wasabi, are practical for those wanting to acquire a higher level of personal privacy, yet bitcoin purchases are much farther from personal if default settings are considered.

According to the latest report from last year’s annual Internet Organized Crime Threats Assessment (IOCTA) report from Europol, bitcoin is still the chosen cryptocurrency among cybercriminals. While altcoins like Monero have tried to acquire traction with concentration on giving the highest possible degree of personal privacy, these alternate cryptocurrencies have actually been relatively unable to compete with bitcoin in the crucial aspects of brand recognition, network results, and also basic familiarity.

The Europol report mentions that “Bitcoin continues to be one of the most frequently used currency, believed to be a consequence of familiarity within the client base.” Significantly, ‘The Block’ recently discovered similar findings from their research of cryptocurrency adoption on darknet markets. 91 percent bitcoin acceptance was observed at the 31 darknet markets they examined. The brand recognition is understandable as the name ‘bitcoin’ is the only familiarity with cryptocurrencies for the majority of adults around the globe.

Offender Use Cases of Bitcoin

According to the Europol record, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin play a crucial function in the black market as well as being utilized for most criminal-to-criminal (C2C) settlements online. Admittedly most of us are only aware of B2B and B2C terms, therefore C2C is a practical introduction of the world we currently reside in. Instances, where offenders take active advantage of the control-resistant characteristics of cryptocurrencies, include DDoS extortion, ransomware, cryptojacking as well as darknet markets.

The Europol report additionally includes that online defrauders are progressively relocating from typical payment rails towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It hypothesizes that this strategy will certainly result in far better outcomes for the defrauders because of the reduced level of understanding the ordinary individual has, when it comes to knowing how crypto assets function. Although it’s not specifically mentioned in this report, newcomers to the cryptocurrency paradigm are frequently unaware that blockchain-based transactions are irreversible. This means the recovery of money is impossible later on.

With regards to the darknet markets, the Europol report covers an acknowledged split in the bitcoin community. “The coordinated law enforcement initiatives, together with ongoing DDoS assaults, have actually had a substantial influence on the dark web in regards to creating apprehensions and henceforth, the atmosphere exists in a state of flux,” claims the report. “The development of brand-new multi-vendor top markets is visible, nonetheless, exit scams are increasing, including a few of those which originally showed up to establish control.”

There is visible improvement as a Chainalysis report released earlier this year. revealed a decline in darknet market activity as a portion of all bitcoin purchases. However, the dollar-denominated value of darknet market business powered by Bitcoin is still increasing. This means existing players are raising their game.

Cybercriminals using Monero

Cybercriminals using Monero

Monero is the only altcoin in the Europol report that has received multiple references. Much of the protection pertaining to Monero focuses on cryptojacking, where cybercriminals position software that mines cryptocurrency on the hacker’s part on their target’s computer system. Monero is particularly suitable for this kind of task due to its privacy attributes and also the fact that it’s still feasible to extract the altcoin on conventional hardware.

The Europol record additionally provides insight on the level of Monero subscription by lawbreakers for non-cryptojacking use instances. “While we have formerly reported a little change in the direction of more privacy-focused cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Bitcoin still remains the money of choice for both reputable and criminal usage,” states the record. “The major advancements concerning this fad are on the Darknet markets, several of which also approve Monero, or in many cases exclusively deal in it.”

“Criminal” Exchanges are the future

In an area concerning future risks and also developments, the Europol report reviews bitcoin exchanges and also how they’re being compelled to perform due diligence when it concerns gathering information about their customers. With plans associated with the fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 5) coming into action by the end of 2019, Europol expects cryptocurrency individuals that wish to preserve their economic privacy to relocate to peer-to-peer exchange systems.

“It is most likely we will see the rise of criminal exchange solutions operating on the digital underground, exchanging fiat and cryptocurrencies outside the controlled market,” includes the record.

Multiple U.S. lawmakers agree that while law enforcement has the ability to make things more difficult for criminals who desire to use bitcoin for their uncontrolled activities, it’s apparent that destroying cryptocurrency completely isn’t a practical scenario. To conclude the discussion, it’s almost impossible to eliminate all criminal activities on the net (or outside it) without establishing a complete surveillance state (and even then, it’s not guaranteed!).

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